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Ginger Software is a market leader in the field of contextual grammar and spellchecking packages. The latest package, the Ginger Grammar Checker automatically corrects spelling and grammar errors and can be used with all Microsoft Text Editors including;

  • Word
  • Internet Explorer
  • Outlook
  • Firefox and more

This package is especially useful for anyone who uses English as a second language and for people with learning difficulties, it can be of particular importance to those suffering from dyslexia, as it automatically corrects most errors - even difficult to find ones. The website is pleasant to use and offers a free trial download of the Ginger Grammar Checker, which is so simple to use. It also has a FAQ's page to answer all queries and expand on the product. Other features are secure online payment and free technical support. This product does what it claims and is excellent in it's simplicity, meaning you don't have to have technical savvy to be able to use it. Useful for beginners and professionals alike.

Ginger Grammar Checker: What makes it different?

There are many software packages that check for grammar and spelling errors but the main features Ginger Grammar Checker offers is;

  • operates in all Microsoft Text Editors
  • offers 3 choices of payment packages
  • simple to use
  • free download
  • excellent customer service
  • secure online payment
  • free technical support
  • FAQ's section
  • facility for schools and organisations
  • text to speech reader

Ginger software is an innovative leader in computer programmes, and this package offers full grammar correcting facilities, and also has extra features available which enable you to learn from your spelling and grammar mistakes, and also offer a text to speech reader.

Best Available Ginger Grammar Checker Coupon:
Ginger Grammar Checker vs. primary competitors (sites similar to Ginger Grammar Checker)

The two main competitors in this field are;


This website is easy to navigate through and offers a package to suit a range of needs. It works in all text based applications and web browsers and offers the following advantages;

  • Offers 3 different packages; General, All Inclusive and Executive packages
  • Works in most text based applications and web browsers by pressing F2
  • Offers a multi lingual dictionary feature
  • Offers full text translation
  • Live chat
  • Toll free phone line
  • Executive package offers legal and medical facility


  • Uses too many words to explain simple features
  • No clear shipping prices
  • No clear refund policy

This is an automated proofreader which checks all writing for style, grammar and punctuation mistakes. It is an easy to use website and offers the following;

  • A free trial
  • It will proofread and correct over 150 types of errors
  • Enhances vocabulary with the use of context-optimized word choice selections
  • Protects from plagiarism with originality checking and citation generator


  • Does not offer a package to buy
  • Ongoing subscription basis (monthly, quarterly or annually)
Ginger Grammar Checker: Pricing & packages

The pricing for this product varies with Ginger Grammar Checker and English Software Org., offering different ways of supplying the software packages and offering only on a monthly subscription basis. Prices are as follows:

Standard (contextual spelling and grammar correction) £18.92

Premium Package (as above plus text to speech reader, learn from your mistakes) £76.00

Monthly Package (contextual spelling and grammar correction) £3.20 mth

General Package (spelling, grammar correction) £48.41

All Inclusive Package (general, business, creative version)  £60.67

Executive Package (includes above plus medical, legal and high tech) £72.93

Monthly Package (grammar and spelling correction) $19.95

Quarterly Package (3 monthly)  $39.95

Annual Package: $95.45

Ginger Grammar Checker: Product images & screenshots
Ginger Grammar Checker Coupons
Ginger Grammar Checker: Customer reviews & comments

"Thank you for creating the best spelling tool ever created, no more typos, no more writing errors ... and the intuitive and graphical interface really makes it easy to use. I think it should be installed on any computer nowadays" by Jodi Malkovitz, Graphical Designer.

Best Available Ginger Grammar Checker Coupon:
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Comments (4)
Beryle Reich

How do you get started? I'm using mirosoft word processor

and how do i get the two together

allison hope

Hi Beryle, Please go to bottom of my review of Ginger Grammar Checker, look for "More Information" and under that, click on "Get Ginger Grammer". It will take you through the steps to purchase it (or it still may offer a free trial?), and then you will just put your information in. Hope this was helpful :)

Everyone raves about Grammarly - so I tried it, but although it says it supports Queens English, it really does not. It often even marked English spelling wrong and offered American as right. It may be good for Americans, I don't understand American English well enough to say.

I am not a big fan of 'online/software grammar checker' programs, -I have seen too often that these are just as incorrect as the writer without aid.

While my grammar could most certainly improve, when in serious doubt I have The Chicago Manuel of Style referance handy.

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